ASSE Backflow Certification

American Society of Sanitary Engineering International 
ASSE International Backflow Certification -5110 Tester

This backflow course will provide you with a Certification as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester ASSE International 5110-Tester. With your ASSE International Certification, you will be able to cross local, state, and national jurisdictions. The standard series provides the most stringent qualifications for Cross Connection Control professionals. This course will meet for five consecutive days. ASSE International requires 20 days’ notice before attending class, late fees may apply if a late enrollment is received.

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Class Details

Start Time: 9am
Class Length: 5 Days, 40 Hours of Training
Qualifications: Must have 5 years of experience as a Plumber, Sprinklerfitter, Lawn Irrigation, Maintenance, Plumbing Inspector, etc.
Books: The University of Florida Backflow Prevention Theory and Practice book Third edition is included in the cost of the course. ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000 and Field Test Procedures Three-Valve and Five-Valve books will be available as a downloadable PDF. 
Certification/Training: The 5110 written exam will be given by our proctor at the end of the course, this exam will be graded by ASSE. Our proctor will also be evaluating the practical hands-on testing as well. A 70% or better on the written exam will be considered a passing grade. Once ASSE has graded your exam your certificate will be emailed out to you.

Renewal to maintain your ASSE International Tester 5110 certificate is every 3 years