ASSE Backflow Recertification

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Start Time: 9:00 am
Class Length: 1 day
Price: $375

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Cross Connection Control Recertification courses:

5110-Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

5120-Cross Connection Control Surveyor

5130-Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer

5140-Fire sprinkler Cross-Connection Control Tester

5150-Backflow Prevention Program Administrator

Class Description: 8 Hours of Training

This course will provide you with a Recertification through ASSE (American Society of Engineering) that is required to maintain every 3 years.

Assembly performance, procedures, reporting & general backflow knowledge will be covered to help expand your skill set.


Must have a current ASSE Certification


Handouts for field test procedures will be provided


A written exam will be given by our proctor at the end of the course, this exam will be graded by ASSE. Our proctor will also be evaluating the practical hands-on testing as well. A 70% or better on the written exam will be considered a passing grade. Once ASSE has graded your exam your Recertification will be mailed out to you.