Backflow Certification

This backflow course will provide the understanding of Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control. You will learn the degrees of hazards to potable water systems and how to identify and test the wide variety of Backflow Preventers. You will also be provided with the basic knowledge of how to repair devices. The course meets for three consecutive days.

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Class Details

Start Time: 9am
Class Length: 3 Days
Qualifications: The Maryland Board of Plumbing requires the successful completion of an approved 32-hour Backflow Training Course as a pre-requisite for the Journeyman/Master Plumber examination.
Books: The University of Florida Backflow Prevention Theory and Practice Book Third Edition is used in this course and is included in the cost.
Certification: After a passing grade on your written test and hands on test you will receive your Backflow Certification for Maryland/Virginia/DC/WSSC. Your Certification is good for 3 years.
Helpful Course Resource: Maryland Board of Plumbing PSI Booklet